Visit Egypt with a Cruise on the Nile

Visit Egypt on a cruise If we went on a cruise on the Nile? Egypt is known for its pyramids, its famous figures such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and the many other pharaohs. And it is also famous for its emblematic river: the Nile. Why don’t we go on a cruise on the Nile? One of the best ways to discover and visit Egypt is by taking a cruise on the second longest river in the world. And yes, Internet user. Even if it is not my favorite type of trip because in general I avoid organized trips. But here, I must admit that sailing on this magical river while discovering the most beautiful wonders of ancient Egypt remains an unforgettable memory! Choose the right company for your Nile cruise For this cruise on the nile to be a success, you must of course choose the right company. I strongly advise you to leave with Memphis Tours. So why choose Memphis Tours? First because Memphis Tours is a tour operator based in Cairo and second because it was founded in 1955, which justifies a solid experience in tourism. And finally his strong point is that he is


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